4Degrees | Real Ale | Craft Beer | Local Produce
Craft Beers brewed in Kent are the centre piece of our offering, supported well by Kentish ciders and wines with a handful of carefully selected liquors all offering something different but always priding ourselves in having the highest quality. There isn't a common brand in sight. Guest drinks are changed regularly meaning visits to the venue will always offer variance along the drinks people will come to love.
The advent of television beckoned the end of the pub as the social epicentre. The concept of buying alcohol and taking it home was not lost on evolving supermarket owners, who responded by stacking their shelves accordingly. The publican had to think hard in order to survive as Real Ale wasn't being consumed at the same rate and best by dates were coming before barrels were emptied. The brewers countered with a longer life offer in lager but more recent trends strongly suggest that the public has re-found its taste for real ales and quality over quantity. 
 Our Story
Please feel free to look over our drinks menus or come into the bar for our daily specials  - our menu is fresh and can change at anytime
Kentish Food
  Always using locally sourced produce and with a mantra of “keep it simple and make it tasty”
Kentish Service
We are a family run business with strong local connections and a strong focus on customer service
Kentish Drinks
Locally sourced with a taste for real productd and quality over quantity
  1. Local Cheeses
    Local Cheeses
    Kentish Cheeses and meats, all selected for their superior flavors.
  2. Traditional Favourites
    Traditional Favourites
    Home made food, not fussy, just tasty with the odd twist.
  3. Unique Cocktails
    Unique Cocktails
    Created using spirits and other ingredients produced here in Kent.
  4. Local Cheeses
    Local Cheeses
  5. Warm Scotch Eggs
    Warm Scotch Eggs
    We have seasonal flavours of large, home made & fresh Scotch Eggs,
  6. Modern Cocktails
    Modern Cocktails
  7. Chapeldown Beers & Wines
    Chapeldown Beers & Wines
    Beers and wines produced in our very own county using the Champaign method.
  8. Kent Sparkling Wines
    Kent Sparkling Wines
    Some say its better then the French stuff!